5 December 2018
MARIE-MAI lends her voice to MOXY IN UGLYDOLLS

VVS Films is proud to announce the participation of Marie-Mai and Koriass in the French version of the movie UGLYDOLLS, dubbed in Québec.

The free-spirited Uglydolls must face their differences and deal with their desire to be alive. Ultimately, they will discover that it is not necessary to be perfect in order to be extraordinary; the essential is to be true to who you really are. Uglydolls the movie is a brand new adventure featuring the voices of Marie-Mai in the role of Moxy (Kelly Clarkson lends her voice in the original version) and Koriass in the role of Ugly Dog (Pitbull plays in the original version). The movie opens on May 10, 2019.

Check out the brand new trailer of the movie featuring the voices of Marie-Mai and Koriass :

See images of the movie on the media website of VVS Films.

“This animated film celebrating diversity, acceptance and the importance of believing in your dreams is such an inspiring project. As a mother, I was immediately moved by the positive message explored in Uglydolls by the endearing characters. I’ve had the opportunity to do dubbing in the past, but this time, lending my voice to Moxy, this free, reckless and adorable doll, on top of having to sing, was a beautiful challenge that I accepted without hesitation and with the greatest pleasure! ” – Marie-Mai

“I am very excited about the project, especially since I have two daughters that are 3 and 7 years old. The idea of ​​lending my voice to a character and watching the movie with them afterwards is very special to me. Especially for the values ​​of self-acceptance that are conveyed in the movie, which I am also trying to pass on to my children. I also had a short-term goal to broaden my horizons and possibly work in the fields of video games, television or cinema. It’s a perfect way to put one foot in the door, and so much fun to do.’’ – Koriass


Anti-conformism is a keyword in Uglydolls, this new animated musical featuring the voices of Marie-Mai and Koriass, opening May 2019. The movie is inspired by the unique and much-loved dolls who made their first appearance in 2001 and later became a worldwide phenomenon.

In the adorably peculiar city of Uglyville, quirkiness is celebrated; differences are viewed as special and unique. Here, the reckless Moxy and her friends, the Uglydolls, live each day in complete happiness,  celebrating the beauty of life and its infinite possibilities.

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